Why Choose BCBSTX? Because My Kids Said So...

Why Choose BCBSTX? Because My Kids Said So...

Why Choose BCBSTX? Because My Kids Said So...

As open enrollment rolls around each year, and our BCBSTX ads begin to play on television and on the radio, my kids take note with excitement and pride. Yes, some of our ads take a humorous approach, which the kids appreciate. A wacky sense of humor is part of my family’s DNA. Yet they also have known for as long as they can remember that they have had Blue Cross and Blue Shield (BCBS) coverage, and they have had easy access to quality care. The funny thing is I have worked here only for the past few years. So where does that brand loyalty come from in kids who are just 12 and 16? It’s more than a simple association with mom’s paycheck and regular meals.

Experience, Experience, Experience
My teens may be BCBS fans because I have always worked in health care communications and shared issues of interest in the world of health care. (Hey, if my kids can listen to the comings and goings of their dad’s field, I get my turn to make their eyes glaze over.) With my work stories, the kids may have picked up on the value I place in good health care coverage companies. They have likely noticed that BCBS has been a consistent model of peace-of-mind coverage to me.

I have lived in multiple cities across the country before and after my kids were born. I’ve had different kinds of coverage in different places. Let me tell you – it’s not all the same. There is no such thing as perfect in this industry. Not any more than in any other. Still, when life happens, in my experience, it’s Blue Cross and Blue Shield I want by my side. Now that I’ve been on the inside a while, I can tell you, I work for a good company, with good people. I can look my kids in the eye every night knowing that. It also explains the experience I have had for so many years.

“Dude, It’s the Coverage”
During my teens’ lifetimes, I’ve had ups and downs in my career and coverage, as have their dad and other family members. They have either seen or overheard the impact that had on health coverage options and cost for me and for them, especially before the Affordable Care Act, or ACA. When their dad’s benefits changed and I still had BCBS, we were relieved. When I started consulting and their dad’s new job offered BCBS, I made no secret of considering us very lucky.

As the kids have grown up, they have had a few typical bumps in the road that required health care coverage. Broken bones, getting hit by a car, and needing an ambulance and emergency surgery are just a few examples. They have lived charmed lives (knock on wood) in terms of health care coverage during those events and in general. They had BCBS plans, and they got the services they needed.

“Peace of Mind Rocks”
Finally, when I did come to work here at BCBS, my kids saw me catch up on multiple long-overdue checkups! It is no secret there is a strong history of cancer in our family, and having taken a health class or two in school, the kids are old enough to guess I might have a biological target on my back. Those checkups were made possible by ACA as well as BCBSTX. I knew and trusted the doctors and other providers in my plan’s network as I regained control over my health.

Every family’s experience is different. We absolutely understand those who prefer some stats to go by when choosing a plan this open enrollment.

If, however, you also find comfort knowing what employees and other members have experienced, here you have a bit of both. How will you choose your health plan? If you want to discuss health plan options, call us at 888-731-0383 or visit our Individual and Family Plan options.

Originally published December 3, 2015; Revised 2018