Listeria and Pregnancy: Erin’s Story

Erin was at her own baby shower when a bite of cheese sent her life and her daughter’s health into a tailspin. Although listeriosis (the illness from ingesting Listeria) is rare, pregnant women are 20 times more likely to become infected than non-pregnant healthy adults. Watch Erin’s Story above.

Learn more about food safety. You can also visit the CDC website to learn more about preventing listeriosis in pregnancy.

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Show Transcript

MATT: We were having a good time waiting for the big day. When they told us that she had listeria, we had no idea what it was-- absolutely no clue.

ERIN: Matt and I wanted a child. We gave ourselves a three month window, and,low and behold,we got pregnant. At my baby shower, we had just a handful of girlfriends, presents, cake, fruit, vegetables, and the lovely cheese tray.

MATT: It started, I think, on Monday. By Wednesday, she had a fever. It was 102.4.Doctor said, take her to the emergency room. And they checked the baby. Alison was in distress, her heartbeat was dropping.

ERIN: And that's when they said you are going to have a baby tonight. And I was like, I'm only 33 weeks.

MATT: You have this frail little being. And she's got eight tubes running in and out of her.

ERIN: She was considered septic. They had to do rounds of massive antibiotics 24 hours a day. It wasn't until afterwards I learned you stay away from your deli meats, your soft cheeses. I didn't know that it could harbor pathogens like listeria. Alison today is headstrong, feisty, a spitfire, and the light of my life. She is strong, and that's what I love.

ALISON: Looking at me when I was in the NICU,you see tubes, and monitors, and everything. I feel lucky that I am alive.

ERIN: Listeria caused prematurity. It runs its own game.

ALISON: It's harder for me to learn. But I'm catching up to the other kids.

MATT: Today, she's very much a normal teenager.And if she can't play softball, she's miserable.

ERIN: Food safety, for me, is pay attention to your recalls,first and foremost. Pay attention to your cooking temperatures when it comes to your poultry, steak, hamburger.

MATT: We check everything we buy. We make sure it's in date.

ALISON: Every time we get new vegetables and things,mom washes them immediately.

ERIN: For a pregnant mom, pay attention to the doctor's list of foods to stay away from. But not everybody understands to stay away from your deli meats,unpasteurized cheeses, and soft cheese. Being a foodborne illness survivor, knowing that my child almost died,you don't take a day for granted.

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