Community Partners Help You “Be Covered Texas”

Be Covered TexasIn March 2013, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas launched the Be Covered  Texas campaign to help Texans benefit from new health insurance opportunities available through the health care law. The first year of the campaign was a success reaching 7.7 million people through its online Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube platforms.

Be Covered Texas is a grassroots education and outreach campaign that provides user-friendly, bilingual information and on-the-ground guidance. We work with more than 170 community-based partners across Texas – some of whom share their thoughts in the video below. Our partnered goal is to reach people where they live, work, learn, worship, text and tweet.

These community partners – community groups, civic organizations, schools and religious institutions – are really the heart of the campaign. They are the “boots on the ground” who reach individuals needing help to make the best health care coverage decision for themselves and their families. Our partners are trusted resources in their communities and together represent more than 3 million community members. We are so glad we could capture all the great images, video and information on our 2013 Social Responsibility Report .

During the second year (2014), Be Covered Texas shifted its focus slightly to not only help Texans learn more about health insurance options available to them but also to help the newly insured use their new health insurance and live healthy lives!

Be Covered enhanced its suite of bilingual resources  to include wellness and preventive health information along with explanations of commonly used health insurance terms.

We are now in the midst of the open enrollment period, and Be Covered continues to serve its mission to educate, engage and enroll. During this enrollment period, Be Covered is offering the following resources, which we encourage you to share with family and friends:

  • Be Covered Texas website  
  • Educational materials, including:
    • Getting Ready: Items to prepare in advance of enrollment
    • 4 Steps to Coverage: Creating your online account, beginning your application, choosing a plan and how to sign up for health insurance
    • Choosing a plan that’s best for your family
  • Social media graphics
  • Informational videos in English and Spanish featuring Dr. Esteban López, regional president, Midwest region, BCBSTX
  • Educational meetings
  • Community partner events  in Dallas and Houston
  • Consumer Hotline, 866-427-7492 (M-F 8 am to 5 pm CT)

What Can You Do?
Everyone knows someone who is still in need of health insurance or education about the Affordable Care Act.  “Like” Be Covered on Facebook, “Follow” Be Covered on Twitter, and share Be Covered Texas materials with friends and family. And of course, check out all the great information for yourself on Be Covered Texas  and how you can be involved!


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