Living Healthier Hotline Helps to Change Lives

Living Healthier Hotline Helps to Change Lives

Living Healthier is a toll-free service -- offered through the Texas-based nonprofit organization It’s Time Texas and funded in part by Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas -- available to anyone by calling 1 (844) 262-6224. Living Healthier coaches take calls in English and Spanish, weekdays from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. CT. Clients may call as often as they like and there is never a charge.

Coaches help clients achieve success by getting to know them through frequent phone conversations and learning about their goals. Clients receive education and encouragement needed to achieve their healthier goals or manage chronic care issues, like COPD (Chronic Obstructive and Pulmonary Disease) or Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD).

Two examples highlighting the positive impact of the Living Healthier coaching hotline are clients Sam and Sandra. Sam and Sandra both wanted to make healthier choices, get more exercise and lose some weight. They spoke with Living Healthier coaches and received the support they needed to make positive changes.

Meet Sam

Sam is from Austin, Texas, and wanted to improve his eating because he’d reached a stage in life where his health fully depended on it. The biggest challenge Sam faced was a lack of income, reliance on food stamps and frequent shopping at food banks, which mostly offered packaged food. Knowing that Sam was looking for more information, Sam’s brother played a little joke and called the Living Healthier hotline and pretended to be Sam. It turned out to be a positively life-changing joke, as Living Healthier coach Natalie later called Sam to have a conversation about his exercise, diet and sugar reduction. Sam and Natalie continued to speak regularly, as she helped him devise weekly goals and then make a plan to achieve them. Sam says of Natalie, “She is so caring and personable. She’s really helped me a lot.” With Natalie’s support, Sam started bicycling, gardening, eating more fruits and vegetables, and eventually, he lost 30 pounds. Sam encourages people to use Living Healthier because he says, “they genuinely care,” and “it’s a challenge to eat healthily, but you can meet the challenge if you put your mind to it.”

Meet Sandra

Sandra is a mother of three children. She’d struggled with healthy eating and exercise and felt that her biggest challenge was thinking it was impossible to get started in taking steps toward a healthier life. She felt that she could set goals on her own, but needed to talk about them with someone to add the layer of accountability needed to start changing habits. She called Living Healthier and spoke with Natalie. “With Natalie, it was very easy. She was very friendly. She answered the phone and explained that it was all me and making better decisions. It was my process.” said Sandra of her Living Healthier coach. Natalie helped Sandra realize that maybe she wasn’t choosing the wrong foods, but just eating them at the wrong time of day. In addition to learning to eat healthy meals every few hours, Sandra also said, “I learned that I have to love myself. It doesn’t matter what size you are, because size can always change. It depends on you.” After working with Natalie and Living Healthier, Sandra is encouraged to keep up her new lifestyle on her own, “It’s really about me. Just me. It’s me who can keep this up.”

So join the movement for living healthier with newfound friends who are just a phone call away. Say goodbye to bad days and hello to reaching your health goals every day! Call 1 (844) 262-6224 today and ask a Living Healthier Coach how they can help you.

To learn more about It’s Time Texas’ Healthier Living hotline, go to You can also follow It’s Time Texas on Facebook and Twitter.

Free Resources to Download:

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  • Patients and school health workers download this flier for easy reference.
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