Million Mile Month - One Million Miles for Healthy Lifestyles

Million Mile Month - One Million Miles for Healthy Lifestyles

What if someone challenged you to complete one million miles of physical activity in one month?  Sounds crazy right? Well, through the BCBSTX sponsored Million Mile Month™ it is actually a lot of fun, a great way to develop healthy habits, and a truly powerful way to connect with the BCBSTX community, the state of Texas and people across the world.

Million Mile Month is a challenge to complete one million miles of physical activity, together as one community, across one month (April) each year. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas has proudly sponsored the Million Mile Month (MMM) since it started in 2014.

This year, during Million Mile Month 2015, the entire MMM community successfully reached that goal of 1 million miles in one month…with just hours to spare on the April 30 deadline.  It was so exciting to watch the miles tick closer and closer to 1 million on the MMM website homepage as each minute passed. When the clock struck midnight, the MMM Community had completed 1,023,358 miles, burned over 72 million calories and clocked 11.5 million minutes of activity!

BCBSTX employees from across Texas and beyond showed up big during Million Mile Month 2015 and completed over 22,000 miles of activity; just shy of a trip all the way around the earth, or 15 round trips from Houston to El Paso. In the process we burned over 1.5 million calories and clocked in over 267,000 minutes of exercise; taking home a top 10 placement on the Top Organizations leaderboard.

Million Mile Month helped unite BCBSTX employees on a local and statewide level (we even had some of our counterparts in Illinois join us), while also providing the ability for BCBSTX employees to engage and motivate their own hyper-local communities to participate (neighborhoods, families, friends, etc.)

Million Mile Month is an innovative approach to empowering people with the awareness, skills and tools they need to get active. It embraces and eliminates the barriers to activity within today’s lifestyles, so that EVERYONE can feel comfortable and is motivated to get up and get active.

But perhaps the most important thing about Million Mile Month is how inclusive it is.  No matter your age, race, gender, location, income level, current activity level or physical ability/disability, you can contribute to that community-wide goal of 1 million miles.  You can be part of a bigger community working toward something amazing.  Not only is that extremely motivating and a great healthy example for both children and adults alike…it just feels great to be part of something bigger than ourselves.

Million Mile Month engages entire communities, from individuals and multi-generational families, to school districts and international companies. It is both a great way for a child to learn the importance of physical activity, as well as a great corporate wellness challenge for a large or small company. We have received stories of how MMM has helped folks coping with depression, diabetes, heart disease, weight loss, cancer, and more.  MMM is bringing families, companies and communities together in the name of health.

It truly is a one-of-a-kind program that is quickly growing in both participation and impact, and we are proud to be a partner at each step along the way.

If you haven’t checked out Million Mile Month yet, now is a great time to visit the website and read all about what this great organization is doing to impact the health of our communities. Visit