Blue Promise: Family Violence and Health Part 1

In this edition of Blue Promise, we discuss the intersection of family violence and health with a panel of experts. 

A look at BCBSTX data shows family violence is a big issue in Texas. What trends are we seeing in our data and how does this type of violence affect the health of our communities? This Blue Promise features Leanne Metcalfe, Ph.D., Senior Director of Collaborative Research at BCBSTX, and Jan Langbein, CEO of Genesis Women's Shelter and Support, alongside co-host Dr. Esteban Lopez, BCBSTX Chief Medical Officer. You can listen to the complete discussion in podcast form on Apple Podcasts and SoundCloud.

Additional links in the Family Violence and Health Series

  •  Blue Promise: Family Violence and Health Part 2: In Texas, there were nearly 200,000 family and dating violence incidents in 2016. In this Blue Promise, we dig into our data to determine the impact of this type of violence on health.

Blue Promise is an online video blog and podcast that aims to address complicated health issues with candid conversations from subject matter experts. New editions are published regularly and are hosted by Dr. Dan McCoy, President of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas.


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