Let’s Move with CAN DO Houston

Even if you have the desire to exercise, it's not always easy for some folks in an urban environment. Finding a safe and accessible place to get active is half the challenge. CAN DO Houston is working to provide locals with an opportunity to move. Learn how you can get involved.

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JASMINE: CAN DO HOUSTON which stands for Children and Neighbors defeat obesity we are a community based organization that focuses on preventing and reducing Childhood obesity amongst children and their families but from a very fundamentally different approach. Sometimes the issue is having access to safe opportunities for physical activies, so one of our targeted communities which is Magnolia Park we started the "lets Move" program, through our partnership with a collaborative of over 40 plus organizations for example, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas, We've been able to support the expansion of it so that people can actually have access to those options. lt would create an opportunity for safe physical activities using existing facilties such as city's parks and play spaces. Now that it's completely community led, two participants who started back in 2012, we've been able to fund them getting trained in order to now completely lead the program all together.

HELEN: I managed to lose 90 pounds myself as a participant. And I was so excited and so grateful for what they have offered me that I wanted to give back to my community, so I became an instructor. Besides fitness, which is 40 minutes of fitness and Mat Toning, we also get too offer nutrition and twice a month we get to offer free healthy sampling to try to teach our participants that fitness and healthy eating kinda go hand in hand

MIRIAM: I invite to everybody to come and enjoy the classes because it’s really good and I like it and I lost like 34 pounds already in like 8 month.


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