Wellness at Work at BCBSTX

Do you have a community that inspires you to live a healthy lifestyle?  (Other than BCBSTX Connect!)  If not, ask your employer!  Many companies have workplace health and wellness programs.

Here at BCBSTX, we offer about 40 different programs for our employees.  Why so many? We’re all different, and there’s rarely a solution that works for everyone. With a little effort, you can find the right combination for you!  Many of the programs we offer our employees are also available to our members, like our:

  • Fitness Program —By logging into BAM and clicking on “Fitness Program” under Quick Links, you’ll have access to a variety of participating gyms and fitness centers across the country. 

  • Benefits Value Advisors (BVAs)—We have trained professionals waiting to help our members ensure they are getting the best care at the best cost.  The BVAs will help you identify a surgeon or other specialist for an upcoming procedure that is in-network and at a lower cost than you may be paying elsewhere.  BVAs can also help you get preauthorization for certain procedures to avoid the time-consuming claim filing process later.

  • Well onTarget—Here, members can identify their own wellness goals and find programs tailored to help them achieve those goals!  

CONNECT with others and share how you add healthy eating or exercise at work!


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