Developing STEM Employees of the Future

Information technology helps us better serve our members and that’s why we’re investing in the next generation of programmers. Our HealthTech team partnered with the Dallas Independent School District (DISD) to help set up Ozobots -- tiny robots that help kids learn coding and creativity. This set of Ozobots will help the students at DISD’s Solar Preparatory STEAM School for Girls learn the basics of procedural programming.

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TYNAGIA: So we have broken off the employees into a different groups and they are starting to go ahead and code what we call Ozobots.


What we're doing here today?


We are partnering with the I.T. division as well as the Dallas ISD.


Our employees are putting together some Ozobots.


And they will be donated to Solar Prep Academy which is an all girls STEM academy here in the Dallas area.


STEVE: I'm not an Ozobot expert, but I can tell you they're tiny robots that can be programmed to do some pretty cool things.


JOSEPH: I believe these events are an awesome opportunity for both are groups to enhance STEM in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex. Partnership just open up pathways not just for, you know, our students but for Blue Cross Blue Shield also.


STEVE: So students are going to learn that you can


program, you can actually write code and program,


and drive a set of actions in a little mini robot.


So it's really you know making it fun for them.


Learning the basics of a procedural programing.


It's really a way of thinking.


It's going to help them feel and realize that you know


they can do this too.


Maybe we'll maybe we'll create some programers.


NANCY: We know that women are underrepresented in STEM career fields


and our goal is to help mitigate that.


TYNAGIA: They have time to put together their programs of their Ozobots.


And then we're going to do a dance competition that's going to be the real fun.


STEVE: You know one of the things that's really important to me personally and to Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas


is to give back to our community.


One of the ways that we can do that here today is by creating an opportunity for the youth to learn programming and hey maybe we'll create some careers in STEM from those youths.


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