Dr. Vivian Ho Honored With Patient Protection Award

The new award is given to people with the same spirit and commitment to their community’s health as Blue Cross’ founding father Justin F. Kimball. Dr. Ho, a nationally-renowned health care researcher and economist, continues that innovative spirit. Dr. Ho serves as the James A. Baker III Institute Chair in Health Economics at Rice University. Her research there examines the effects of economic incentives and regulations on the quality and costs of health care and is widely published in research journals.

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Show Transcript

DAN: Justin Ford Kimball became superintendent in the Dallas Public Schools in 1914, that's where he developed several innovative solutions and it allowed school teachers to prepay for expected medical bills.  The plan charged 50 cents a month and covered teacher’s hospital expenses for 21 days, and this idea of group hospitalization insurance led to the creation of Blue Cross and eventually Blue Shield plans. So Justin Ford Kimball, to me embodied, what it meant to have innovation and collaboration… commitment to protect public health.  In that same spirit, I would like to present tonight our first inaugural Justin F Kimball Patient Protection Award to Dr. Vivian Ho.

VIVIAN: It's so nice to know that there was a man who did so much for deserving people and then for health insurance.  So Dr. Morrow told me there was a book about, I guess, it's the Blue Cross book that you mention, so I don't want to just read the Wikipedia, I want to read the book

DAN:She's an economist who specializes in the way incentives and regulations have an effect on the affordability of health care.  She's done landmark efforts at research on efforts such as consolidation of health industry such as hospitals and physicians but she's also done work around freestanding emergency rooms and policy was bad for Texans.

VIVIAN: We all know there's a problem but trying to find a solution is much harder and we all know this industry is very difficult to understand but that's why this relationship working with people at Blue Cross Blue Shield has been so terrific.

BOB: We’re really so blessed to have an opportunity to work with somebody like Dr. Vivian Ho.

VIVIAN: It is so humbling to receive this award, particularly to know the background of Justin F Kimball, that he helped teachers so much but then he also went beyond the education and then work towards establishing health insurance that became a model for the rest of the country, that to me is what I'd like to aspire for, to be able to make contributions that are lasting that helped Texans.


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