2019 Volunteer of the Year: Ryan Dugas

Every year, we select an employee who best represents our company's commitment to the community. In 2019, we chose Ryan Dugas, a Print Marketing Design Manager at our Richardson office. Ryan has inspired his colleagues through his volunteer work with Heroes On The Water, an event that takes veterans with PTSD kayak fishing for the day, among other organizations. Check out Ryan’s story.

Show Transcript

Name is Ryan Dugard. My role was print marketing manager here at the Richardson location and my team creates marketing assets. So if it's print marketing my team most likely created it.
This is one of my favorite times of the year. We get to announce the volunteer for the Texas plan this year. It's Ryan you. He's coming up here to our office thinking he's going to actually do a presentation but instead we're going to surprise the Texas volunteer your adulation.
I know that and this is for you right. Thank you.
Each year we do the heroes in the water fishing event which we take veterans with you. A lot of it PTSD and some ability issues. We take them kayak fishing for an afternoon or full day of them getting back to normality without the stresses of life just getting on the water what we call water therapy. We do they carry the load event which is a giant rally in downtown Dallas that actually starts off in Fort Lewis Washington and West Point New York in which they rode March American flags over the months leading up to Memorial Day here. And then we walk the Katy Trail for 20 hours literally carrying the weight and the names of veterans who have passed and stood with us.
He actually works with his team and volunteers twice a year for mission Reagan. They are a organization where they pack medical supplies and send them to clinics in underprivileged nations as well as the United States.
Well one of the incredible parts about my job is I get to work with incredible people. And so the employees here it was bros and this is our 19th anniversary you carry the weight of all the members that we have in this state as part of CSA. So I appreciate you doing that. And you exemplify the kind of character and purpose that we have in our employees and our.