Building Wheelchairs for Veterans

If you’re looking for a way to support your community, consider an event to build wheelchairs for our country’s disabled veterans!  We took time away from one of our regular business meetings to help the Disabled American Veterans (DAV). Not only did it help them and show our appreciation, but it also served as a wonderful team building activity for our employees.  Take a look!

To learn more about the DAV, visit

Show Transcript

ED: we are here today To build wheelchairs as a group activity And we're going to make those donations To Disabled American Veterans Who are in need of wheelchairs As a veteran, it warms my heart to See the veterans of today being recognized So far me, it's like coming home and people Saying thank you for my service And I appreciate that

Olga: Today we have Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas, donating these chairs To my fellow Veterans The DAV does a lot in trying to help Where ever we can with what ever Veterans may need something like this A lot of times it's not just the older Veterans that can use these Now we have veterans that Have all kinds of injuries Spinal cord, amputees, paralyzed veterans So these wheelchairs are gonna be just Absolutely fantastic I can't thank this Organization enough for doing what they're doing for us

Stephen: One of the most important parts Of our communities are the veterans who Have served our country and this is a chance For us to help serve them As a disabled veteran myself this is Particularly important to me. It helps Connect our company to the community It helps connect us to the disabled veterans That are an important part of that community In particular those who have suffered with Disabilities while serving in the military and being able to connect What we do every day With their very special needs


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