BCBSTX Members May Attend Health Education Classes

BCBSTX Members May Attend Health Education Classes

Staying healthy is important! That’s why Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas is working with select local pharmacies to provide in-store diabetes and asthma/COPD classes to our members at no cost. The classes are led by a pharmacist and dietitian.

Register for the diabetes classes to: 

  • Go on a “Healthy Eating” grocery tour with a dietitian and learn about counting carbohydrates, different types of fats, reading food labels and more
  • Engage with a pharmacist to learn more about diabetes and related treatments, monitoring blood glucose, and incorporating physical activity into their lifestyle
  • Participate in a question and answer session
  • Receive educational materials and items such as glucose tablets and gels, fiber supplements, diabetic skin cream and a Living365 tote bag

“When you have diabetes, shopping for groceries can be a challenge,” said Jay Gandhi, VP, Enterprise Pharmacy Government Programs.  “Our Living365 program helps members by using their local grocery store and pharmacy as a live classroom. The program is designed to help members in the most positive and real-world setting. Albertsons Market, Randalls, and Tom Thumb play an important role in helping members, including coordination of medications, medication reviews and patient education among other services.”

Register for the asthma/COPD classes to:

  • Learn more about the causes, symptoms and management of asthma and COPD from an Albertsons Market, Randalls, or Tom Thumb pharmacist
  • Learn how to take your inhaled medications. Using demonstration inhalers, the pharmacist will show you helpful techniques and common mistakes
  • Be part of a question and answer session
  • Receive education materials including an asthma/COPD booklet and water bottle

The classes are part of our Living365® initiative and we expect them to fill up quickly, so don’t wait! Click here to find out if there's a class near you.


Last Updated: 4/2/2019