HMOs Are Hard to Use - HMO Myth

One of the common myths about HMOs is that they’re confusing or hard to use. HMOs have changed over the years. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas reviews this common myth and talks with real people who share their thoughts and experiences with HMOs. You’ll learn more about HMOs and whether this myth is true or false. 

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Show Transcript
NARRATOR: Do you find your HMO coverage hard to use?
MAN 1: I don't find HMOs confusing. When we had our baby, everything went smoothly.
WOMAN 1: I find HMOs very easy to use. I never have to fill out any paperwork. The doctors and the hospitals take care of just about everything that needs to be done.
NARRATOR: With HMOs, you have one doctor who coordinates your care. They get to know your health history, refer you to specialists, and file the paperwork for you. It doesn't get much easier than that. To learn more about HMOs, visit our website.