Are You in the Money? Or in the Red?

Are You in the Money? Or in the Red?

Have you considered focusing on your financial well-being?  Financial well-being is as important as the other 4 pillars (physical, community, career and social).  By taking charge of financial decisions, stress can be significantly reduced and you can feel better prepared for the future. 

Here are 10 steps for enhancing your overall financial well-being.  As with any goal, consider small steps that are attainable and remember to be mindful that you are utilizing and maximizing all that is available to you so you have all resources you need to make the best possible financial decisions.

  1. Set a savings goal
  2. Choose a savings account thoughtfully
  3. Make saving automatic
  4. Establish an emergency fund
  5. Monitor your monthly expenses …
  6. … Then set a budget
  7. Be smarter with shopping
  8. Take advantage of apps
  9. Consider a flexible spending account
  10. Check your financial progress … and reward yourself when you reach your goal!

Remember, baby steps still move forward! Anything you can do to help get ahead will be good for your health and well-being in the long run. How are you securing your financial well-being?