Guest Blog: Casey's Circle

Guest Blog: Casey's Circle

Casey’s Circle leaving site icon is an Austin-based nonprofit organization dedicated to helping families of children with special needs find ways for their kids to be kids first – patients later.  Children with special needs are often treated as a diagnosis instead of as a kid.  Our main goal is to help families focus on making memories with their child and just being a family.  We do this by providing tools, education and resources to help them navigate the complicated medical system. We also offer fun, events that are centered around the family and where the kids get to be just kids.

People ask what makes Casey’s circle different than other local nonprofits?  We are different in many ways.

First, everything we do is designed to serve the needs of children with the MOST complex medical conditions.  Some agencies offer accessibility services, inclusive programs and sensory hours but this is sometimes not enough for children with complex medical issues. Casey’s Circle goes that extra step to make sure that EVERY child gets a chance to be a kid. 

Second, we NEVER charge the families a penny for the services we provide.  Casey’s Circle knows that raising any child is expensive. We also know that raising a child with special needs may take extra financial resources. This is why our services are offered at no charge.

Third, Casey’s Circle is not trying to reinvent the wheel.  There are a lot of other great nonprofits and for profits doing great things for the special needs community.  If these other organization provide a service that families need, we will refer families to them.  Casey’s Circle teams up with other organizations often in order to provide the best and most complete possible programming.  We believe that working with our community just makes sense.  One organization that we team up with is Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas (BCBSTX).  Many of the families that we support are BCBSTX members. 

Fourth, many organizations support a family during a specific point in their life- NICU, childhood, school, or even throughout a lifetime.  Some of the children we support do not survive to adulthood.  We continue to support these families through our bereavement services as long as the family chooses to participate.    

Last, Casey’s Circle is 100% volunteer organization.  No one works for Casey's Circle.   Every dollar raised goes toward supporting local families of children with special needs and not to pay employees.  Everyone that helps with our different programs is here because they really do care and want to make a difference.      

If you would like to know more about the educational tools, resources or events we offer, you can find full details on our website: caseyscircle.orgleaving site icon