Get KINetic: Changing Students’ Lives through Exercise at UT Austin

Get KINetic: Changing Students’ Lives through Exercise at UT Austin

Research data reveals women at The University of Texas at Austin (UT Austin) are less likely than men to get the recommended 150 minutes of moderate physical activity per week. Combined with the fact that only 12.1 percent of female students feel safe on campus in the evening, the university saw an opportunity to establish healthy exercise habits among women while minimizing obstacles in their way.

Get KINetic was a pilot exercise program at UT Austin that kicked off in January 2018. The program, located in the all-female Kinsolving Residence Hall, provided a safe and convenient location for participants to enjoy a free workout class every week for ten weeks. The program was a partnership between Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas, UT Austin University Health Services, UT RecSports and the Kinsolving Residence Hall Council.

There were several formats of fitness classes offered, including yoga, kickboxing, Zumba, “Core & More” and “Total Body Conditioning.” A total of 108 students participated throughout the ten weeks, and a few of the classes had more than 40 students attend at a time.

Each week, the Office of Health Promotion provided snacks, sleep kits and raffle prizes to the participants to encourage them to keep coming back each week for more prizes, more fun, and of course… more exercise. The university’s recreation center also donated a semester-long group fitness class that students who attended three or more classes could be entered into a raffle to win.

Following the ten weeks of Get KINetic, we sent out an anonymous evaluation survey to each of the 108 participants. Our results were very positive, and concluded the following:

  • 97% indicated that the program was enjoyable or very enjoyable
  • Kickboxing (79%) and Total Body Conditioning (66%) were rated highest, with students stating they “Loved It”
  • 77% responded that they now exercise at least one more day than previously
    • 20% significantly increased their amount of exercise per week
  • There was a positive correlation between number of classes taken and confidence levels
    • The majority of participants reported increases in exercise habits and confidence
  • Students showed interest in an increase in the number of classes offered per week for the future of Get KINetic

The Get KINetic team plans to accommodate student requests for more class days and times and to continue to support student exercise goals. The University of Texas at Austin takes great pride in encouraging students to exercise and helping them to build healthier lives.


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