Working to End Domestic Violence with The Family Place

Working to End Domestic Violence with The Family Place

Domestic violence can affect the health of a person as well as a community. According to The Family Place, violence at home impacts public medical costs, workplace productivity, drug and alcohol abuse, truancy, teen pregnancy and future violence. These are just some of the reasons why our Healthy Kids, Healthy Families program supports The Family Place. It’s the largest family violence shelter in the Dallas area and the largest family violence service provider in the state of Texas. Its programs empower victims of family violence by providing safe housing, counseling and skills that help to re-create independence. At the same time, they build community engagement and advocate for social change to stop family violence once and for all.

 In 2015, The Family Place provided 10,729 clients with 141,317 hours of service. Healthy Kids, Healthy Families supported the operations of the organization’s Safe Campus Clinic. In 2015 the clinic provided 196 women and with health assessments, screenings, immunizations and care. Every day the clinic assesses the healthcare needs of these vulnerable families. Trained professionals provide direction and referrals for clients to access ongoing medical care after they leave the Safe Campus. In addition to improving quality of life, the program helps women and kids meet their housing and employment goals. As a result, Healthy Kids, Healthy Families reduces the demand on the county health system, other social service agencies and the criminal justice system.

Check out this video about the Safe Campus Clinic.

The Family Place continues to expand its services to reach underserved populations. They opened a counseling office and a thrift shop in Collin County to serve the growing number of clients there. Even before the office was open, they had been serving more than 100 Collin County residents.

 Also this fall, The Family Place plans to open the first shelter for men and their children in the state of Texas. They expect it to be a national model that will help bring awareness to this particular segment of domestic violence. In 2015 the organization provided shelter to 29 men—a 288 percent increase from the previous year. They project this trend to continue as awareness increases and resources become available for this hidden population of domestic violence victims. In 2016 The Family Place expects to serve 50 men fleeing abusive relationships, with or without their children in the new shelter.

And The Family Place wants to continue growing. Last year, they launched a $16.5 million capital campaign for their outreach services and emergency shelter space. This new 56,000-square-foot facility will allow them to provide improved therapeutic services in a place specifically designed for victims of domestic violence. The Family Place anticipates serving approximately 2,000 clients each year once the shelter opens in late 2016. The facility will also house the staff of Be Project, which reaches 6,500 students each year in elementary, middle and high schools and on college campuses.

If you’re interested in volunteering for The Family Place Please visit their website.