Blue Promise: Short-Term or Shortsighted Part 2

Why are advocacy groups opposing short-term limited duration insurance, or STLDI? Find out in this edition of Blue Promise.

Advocacy groups filed thousands of comments in opposition to short-term limited duration insurance, or STLDI. Why are they so concerned and what do consumers need to know? Learn more in this edition as Pati McCandless, BCBSTX Vice President of State Health Policy, and co-host Ross Blackstone, BCBSTX Director of Strategic Influence, join Dr. McCoy. You can listen to the complete discussion in podcast form on Apple Podcasts and SoundCloud.

Additional links in the Short-Term or Shortsighted series:

  • Short-Term or Shortsighted Part 1: In this edition of Blue Promise, we discuss new policy changes that could lead more people to buy unregulated short-term limited duration insurance (STLDI) products.

Blue Promise is an online video blog and podcast that aims to address complicated health issues with candid conversations from subject matter experts. New editions are published regularly and are hosted by Dr. Dan McCoy, President of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas.


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