2018 Employee Volunteer of the Year: Adam Quintanilla

Every year we select an employee who best represents our company's commitment to community. In 2018, we chose Adam Quintanilla, a customer service advocate in our Abilene office. Adam has inspired his colleagues through his volunteer work with Boots on the Ground, a family ministry that provides help in preventing possible hazardous situations in the homes of the elderly, disabled, and poor.

Show Transcript

JACKSON: You know what today was all about Adam. It was about recognizing the incredible work that he does here in the community of Abilene. It is about what he does to take our purpose and vision at Blue Cross Blue Shield into the community and listening to his story it's just amazing. His heart represents the best of our workforce.

SHEENA: We've got someone who wants to meet you.

DAN: Adam congratulations. You're our Texas plan 2018 a Volunteer of the Year congratulations. Adam helps to build ramps for people who can't have accessibility from their home. I can't really imagine a worse thing than to be trapped in your house and not be able to do it to be mobile. And he gives up his Saturday's and Friday's to be able to do that.

SHEENA: We invest in our employees because it's a way not only for the company as a whole to show that we are committed to the communities that we serve, but it's another way for us to let employees have the opportunity to give back to the community.

DAN: I think one of the things that was remarkable about the nomination which I think just stood out in my brain was that the person said Adam was one of those people who would give the shirt off his back to help you out. So Adam on behalf of us we're glad you wear a shirt with a Blue Cross and Blue Shield on it and we want to congratulate you our warmest praise and congratulations for this big honor.

ADAM: Thank you for sir. Every hour every minute that you volunteer for someone that just makes your life that much better. Those hours are not to make somebody else better but it actually makes your life all that much better.


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