Convenient Immunizations for Texas Children, Expectant Mothers and Grandparents

Through mobile community outreach, the Caring Foundation of Texas and its Care Van Program works to further improve barriers to health access for uninsured and medically underserved Texas children and provide other targeted health services to help families throughout Texas. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas is proud to be the foundation's lead sponsor, covering 100 percent of the administrative costs of the Caring Foundation. Working with the foundation is a natural extension of our company's proud history of caring for the residents of Texas.

Show Transcript

TERRI: Texas State Law does require shots for school attendance there are many vaccines that are required at different ages.

EDNA: The Caring for Children Foundation was started really as a response to growing needs in the state of Texas to vaccinate uninsured children.

ANAHY: I was here for my brother to get his shots because he needed to go to school but I wanted to get him smart.

TERRI: They're required that each child enter either preschool or kindergarten there's a list of vaccines that they must have had. We don't charge anything whereas health departments and other vaccine for children providers are allowed to charge an administrative fee.

EDNA: We've expanded our services our immunization services to expectant mothers who are better protected if they have flu vaccines. We're also immunizing grandparents because in so many communities grandparents are an essential caregiver to children so pertussis and lots of the preventable childhood diseases that grandparents may or may not have immunity to, it's real important to get grandparents vaccinated. It protects grandparents but it protects the kids that they care for.

IRENE: You can see how beautiful it is to have these vaccinations for my kids they don't have insurance. well it's... good for me.

HALLIE: Parents oftentimes can't leave work to go take their kids to the doctor's office to receive their vaccinations and so having these clinics on the weekends and also after work hours makes it easy for all families to get their necessary vaccines.

ANAHY: Like I see a lot of people and like get in college and since I want to be a doctor when I grow up so I can be healthy and strong and be a good doctor.


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