Mable Milliet: The Journey of a Lifelong BCBSTX Member

Mable Milliet, 96, has had BCBSTX health care coverage for 77 consecutive years. A self-proclaimed "life" member, she received her benefits through the Blue Cross Blue Shield Federal Employee Program (FEP). In 2019, BCBSTX is celebrating nine decades of contributing to public health -- and it wouldn't be possible without loyal members like Mable.

Show Transcript

MABLE:I was born on April 2nd, 1922 at Galveston Texas. B O I, it stands for Born on the Island. And there were four children in our family, three girls and one boy. They are all gone but we still got the house in Galveston. In thirty nine, I graduated from high school, Ursuline All-Girls School. We all wore uniforms, no nylons worn, we had cotton stockings. And I worked at Fort Crockett when I was single and that's when I signed up for Blue Cross and Blue Shield. I worked at Fort Crockett until they closed Fort Crockett and then I went to work at a Marine Hospital in Galveston.

ANITA:Once she decided to start a family, she left and she had unusual circumstances where she was able to keep her federal benefits until she actually went back to work for the FAA and then once she left FAA then she became the president over the NARFE chapter. 

MABLE:I had six children, so you know I used Blue Cross and Blue Shield.

ANITA:Miss Mabel is a character that I feel like I've known her all my life

MABLE:…and I had six children, two girls and four boys.  Of course a deliverer of babies wasn’t easy, less than three hundred dollars, if it was natural.

ANITA:I remember going to some of the NARFE conventions and her husband was always the life of the party.

MABLE:Jim was raised in the French Quarters in New Orleans, born and raised there. He was what they called Army Air Corps before the Air Force, there's a flag off of the casket. After my husband died on Father's Day, June 23rd, 2009.      I end up in my house in Groves and I couldn't breathe….

(Sound of Ambulance then fades into background)

 And they put me in an ambulance and sent me to Houston and they kept me there and did a lot of tests for about five days and so I went by ambulance from Hermon Houston to Dallas Medical. They had to take and break open my breastbone and go out and get the aorta valve that would sometimes open or sometimes closed, to replace it and then they tie your breastbone back up and he said you know Mable, Miss Milliet, he said you only stand about a 35 percent chance of living. I said “Have at it, go after it”, (chuckles) and I did.

ANITA: The thing probably that endears me the most to her, is that each time we would end the conversation, she would always say “I love you”.

MABLE: I've had good relations with BlueCross BlueShield…. And I am a life member.


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