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Volunteers Build a Wheelchair Ramp for Elderly Couple

No one should ever have to risk injury just to enter their own home. Imagine not being sure if you have the strength and balance to make it safely up the stairs into your own home. Simple acts we take for granted every day, like checking the mail, can become life-threatening in a single moment.

Not having easy access to your home is a familiar nightmare for elderly couple Mr. and Mrs. Ford in Abilene, Texas. So, when employees at the Abilene service center for Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas found out, they partnered with Beltway Park Church, to construct a world-class safety ramp into their home. The Fords are now able to come and go as they please. Their quality of life is absolutely transformed.  

Show Transcript

This elderly Abilene couple was in need. They didn’t have easy access to their own home, but when employees at Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas found out, they partnered with Beltway Park Church to fix it. They made quick work of removing the rickety stairs. First they attached the frame, then they built out the rest of the ramp. Members of the community turned out to show their support. With all hands on deck, the team built the ramp in record time.

“We partnered with 'Boots on the Ground’ to build this wheelchair ramp, for this couple who live here, close to our Abeline service center.  So it’s a really special day today,” said Jackson Boen, DSVP of Service Delivery Operations, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas.


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