Teenager Makes Great Strides Through Medicaid Therapies

Over the course of his 18-year life, Christopher Loe has experienced more surgeries than birthdays. As a kid, “Critter” couldn’t enjoy musical productions or ice capades, like most kids his age. The reverb in his ears made loud music too painful. Years later, his ear surgeries helped opened his life up to a whole new world of sound. Now, music is one of his favorite pastimes.  

With the help of music therapy, horseback therapy and recreational therapy, Critter is thinking and moving in powerful new ways. Even his therapists are reporting that “his limitations aren’t limitations anymore.” 

Show Transcript

ROBERT: We were just at the hospital pretty much all the time for the first three or four months until we get to bring him home.

LISA: It was scary. He was born with craniosynostosis which is a deformity of the skull. He was born with bilateral club foot, kyphosis scoliosis, a hole in his heart. Any deep sounds bass sounds would reverberate throughout his brain. Throughout his life he's had 35 surgeries. The wait list in the state of Texas is eleven years and that's no joke. We got on with Blue Cross Blue Shield and it's just a world of services and programs that are amazing.

JOANNA: We have goals and objectives that are tailored to each individual's specific needs.

LISA: He's just firing on all cylinders all of the critical thinking that hand eye coordination.

JOANNA: What a perfect way to provide this therapeutic environment to help increase in all these goals and objectives and limitations that aren't limitations anymore.

LISA: There is so much out there that parents don't know about.

JESSE: We come in and we assess the individual. It's an opportunity for him to be able to socially interact with people move around and then make decisions.

LISA: That's a huge huge deal for a special needs young adult.

CHRISTOPHER: I want to cross their fears in any way possible.

ERIN: These services are imperative for their quality of life and ensuring that on the long term they don't go into a facility.

CHRISTOPHER: Music I like best is pop. Justin Timberlake, Bruno Mars, Michael Jackson.

ERIN: We're singing but I'm actually trying to get them to say something where we're moving but I'm actually trying to work on balance.

LISA: It's just a lot going on for him to do all of that at the same time.

ROBERT: I think as much therapy as we can give him that will be a very positive influence on him going forward.

ERIN: Just looking out for people with special needs in this state is so important and Medicaid is part of that.

JANICE: When I was presented with the opportunity to send a young adult to his first symphony, I just knew that that would resonate with our company's purpose and there was just never any doubt in my mind I was going to make it happen.

LISA: When the orchestra started playing. His jaw literally dropped. Just watching him. And I've got tears coming down my eyes.

ROBERT: He couldn't stop talking about it and you know with him that’s something.

JANICE: That's what we do at Blue Cross. We make dreams come true for these families.

LISA: I want him to enjoy everything that life has to offer.

ROBERT: You know more than likely we'll probably have to take care of him for most of his life. So, something we're looking forward to.


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