Working Mother Finds Way to Breastfeed Premature Twins

Being a new mother is challenging – and being a mother of twins in the NICU is even harder. Evelin González Salguero is a Spanish-speaking, working mother who struggled to produce enough milk for her twins in the NICU. “It was very hard for me to walk, and to move,” she said. “I had no idea how to pump my milk.” Fortunately, Hillary Sandoval, a bilingual medical management specialist from Blue Cross of Blue Shield of Texas’s Medicaid team, had a plan.

Show Transcript

EVELIN: (In Spanish) I thought I couldn’t have kids anymore, but I could.

CRANE: I was first of all, very big surprise right, right away at the beginning and then to find out it was twins even more.

HILLARY:I had the privilege to meet Evelyn through our Special Beginnings program.  Due to her condition, we made an agreement where I would come to the hospital to give her an individualized prenatal class for a mom would.

EVELIN:(In Spanish) It was hard to accept they were going to be born sooner. But we were happy because we were going to have them with us sooner.

CRANE:They just basically whisk her out of there and said she's going to have the babies now.  It can be very overwhelming for parents to go into the NICU unit.

HILLARY: They were born at 31 weeks’ gestation so about nine weeks before their due date.

EVELIN:(In Spanish) It was very hard for me to walk and to move. I had no idea how to pump my milk.

HILLARY:A lot of moms tell us they want to breastfeed and what we can do is empower moms with the knowledge, the information, the tools, the skills that they need to make that a reality for them.

EVELIN: (In Spanish) They helped me and I finally could learn how to pump my milk and then give it to my girls. And to see how my little babies were drinking my milk was amazing.

CRANE: And I remember them being able to put their full hand grab onto my finger and that was the greatest feeling ever. When they finally are discharged it's just such that you just cannot believe it. Finally the day has come.

HILLARY:When I do home visits it's, it's really special because mom's in her own comfortable environment especially right after giving birth, the thought of packing up, the baby getting dressed, going to a site for breastfeeding help can just be really daunting and overwhelming.  In my role I can go to the member, we can talk about food insecurity, talk about safe sleep and trying to look at all the other things that a member needs to be healthy.

EVELIN:(In Spanish) I had her number. I could call her whenever I wanted. And she also shared her experience with me, since she had twins too. I felt my reflection in her.

(Hillary speaking Spanish to Evelin)

HILLARY:We were able to support her and her family with some of our value added services. So we gave her two pack and plays for her babies, diaper bags and electric breast palm, a breastfeeding support kit, ready to eat meals, A hundred dollars’ worth of fresh produce delivered right to her doorstep and 50 dollars gift cards for having gone to timely follow up postpartum care.

EVELIN:(In Spanish) Blue Cross was very supportive. They were there looking out for me all the time.  They gave me very good coverage

HILLARY:I feel so fortunate to be a part of this program because I feel like we're helping moms and families and real ways that matter to them.

EVELIN: (In Spanish) Having these two little things in my life changes it completely. Everything is more beautiful.


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