Medicaid Families Bravely Navigate Difficult Challenges

At Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas, we’re committed to serving our members through whatever health care challenges life may hand them. It’s an honor to provide Medicaid coverage to members like Christopher, Faith, Brigitte and Sophia. Each of their families are bravely navigating difficult situations, and we couldn’t be prouder to walk this journey with them. We are Texans serving Texans.

Show Transcript

EVELIN: (In Spanish) I thought I couldn’t have kids anymore, but I could.

CRANE: They just basically whisk her out of there and said she's going to have the babies now.

EVELIN:(In Spanish) It was very hard for me to walk and to move.

GINA: Our daughter Faith is 11 years old. She was born with spinal bifida. And TRT malformation.

LEIGH: Having a medically fragile child is not something that most people are familiar with the day to day struggle of what you have to go through and the battles you have to fight and the phone calls you have to make just to get one thing accomplished and it can be exhausting and disheartening.

LISA: He's had 35 surgeries, he was born with Craniosynostosis, which is a deformity of the skull. Kyphoscoliosis, so his back had a pretty severe curve. He also was born with a hole in his heart. Bilateral club foot, any deep sounds, bass sounds would reverberate throughout his brain.

ROBERT:I assist him with his hygiene and showering and I'll get him his cups. Make him his meals and that type of thing.

LISA:The wait list and the state of Texas 11 years. We didn't learn about this list until Christopher was about the age of 9.

HILLARY:Eveline was in our special Beginnings program due to a high risk pregnancy expecting twins.  Due to her condition, we made an agreement where I would come to the hospital to give her an individualized prenatal class.

EVELIN:(In Spanish) I had her number. I could call her whenever I wanted. And she also shared her experience with me, since she had twins too. I felt my reflection in her.

HILLARY:When I do home visits it's, it's really special because mom's in her own comfortable environment especially right after giving birth. The thought of packing up the baby, getting dressed, going to a site for breastfeeding help can just be really daunting and overwhelming.  In my role, I can go to the member, we can talk about food insecurity, talk about safe sleep, trying to look at all the other things that a member needs to be healthy.

(Hillary speaking in Spanish to Evelin)

HILLARY:We were able to support her and her family with some of our value added services. So we gave her two pack and plays for her babies, diaper bags an electric breast palm, a breastfeeding support kit, ready to eat meals and fifty dollar gift cards for having gone to timely follow up postpartum care.

SARAH:We really serve to be a partner with the state of Texas Health and Human Services. All families have an option to choose a managed care plan to sign up with to help oversee and ensure access to care and services.

GINA:What Blue Cross is done is added a second advocate. They've added a service coordinator in. To be there for you all the time on like on call for you whatever your needs are.

 (Christopher playing guitar)

 ERIN: (Singing) Hello….

LISA:We got on with Blue Cross Blue Shield and it's just a world of services and programs that are amazing and there are just so many programs for children with disabilities in the state of Texas. All of these therapies, horseback therapy, recreational, music behavioral.

ERIN:These services are imperative for their quality of life and and ensuring that on the long term they don't go into a facility. We're singing but I'm actually trying to get them to say something, we’re we're moving but I'm actually trying to work on balance.

LISA:It's just a lot going on for him to do all of that at the same time.

ROBERT:I think as much therapy as we can get him that will be a very positive influence on him going forward.

ERIN:Just looking out for people with special needs in this state is so important and Medicaid is part of that.

EVELIN:(In Spanish) Blue Cross was very supportive. They were there looking out for me all the time.  They gave me very good coverage.

GINA:As far as Blue Cross goes, as far as knowing that Leigh’s there as my service coordinator. Peace…there’s peace there.

LISA:I want him to enjoy everything that life has to offer.

ROBERT:The therapies that he's been taking have been tremendous for him.

LISA:He's a really happy, happy kid. I think he has a really really great future ahead of him.


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