Behind the Scenes With BCBSTX Chief Medical Officer at Sanitas Medical Center

Go behind the scenes in health care with BCBSTX Chief Medical Officer Paul Hain, MD. Earlier this year, he visited the Sanitas Medical Center in Richardson, Texas. The doctor becomes the patient in this candid look at the unique centers now available in the Dallas and Houston metroplexes. Learn more at leaving site icon 

(Note: The video was filmed earlier in the year. Sanitas Medical Center is taking the appropriate precautions to prevent the spread of COVID-19.) 

Show Transcript

PAUL: Hey, I'm Dr. Paul Hain. I'm here today to establish my primary care at Sanitas Medical Center, which is exclusive to Blue Cross. It's been about a year since I've had a checkup. So, it's time. I want you guys to come with me. I think this will be fun. 

PAUL: Hi, I’m Paul Hain 

RECEPTIONISTNice to meet you.  

PAUL: Good to see you too. Hey, it's my first time at Sanitas. I'm here for my checkup 

PAUL: You're working for Blue Cross, helping folks out. I want to know exactly like what you do for people while you're here.  

BCBSTX REPRESENTATIVESure. Well, we of course will take payments from any member who has Blue Cross Blue Shield. We'll help you with any questions you have about your benefits, claims, finding in-network providers.  

PAUL: So, you're the face of Blue Cross inside of Sanitas 

BCBSTX REPRESENTATIVEYes, that's what we're here for. To help you. And we also have a bilingual staffSo at any time, bilingual people can come in and we'll be able to assist them 

PAUL: Oh my gosh! 

NURSE: Hi, we're ready for you.This is our X-ray room right here 

PAUL: Oh, that's really cool. So, you have X-ray’s on onsite. So, like if I need an X-Ray I don’t have to go anywhere. 

NURSE: You don’t have to go anywhere 

PAUL: Same place.  

NURSE: It’s all onsite. 

PAUL: So, you guys speak Spanish here, right 

NURSE: Yes, we have 4 different locations in Dallas, TX. 

PAUL: Hey, how are you?  

NGUYEN: Dr. Nguyen. 

PAUL: Dr. Nguyen, Paul Hain. Good to see you 

 NGUYEN: How are you doing today?

PAUL: I'm great. I'm thrilled that you guys are here. You're near my office. Super easy to get here. I love it. Oh, you got a minor procedure room here.  

NGUYEN:Yes. Wedo urgent care procedures like laceration repairs and in grown toenails.   

PAUL: And so, I saw when I walked in that you guys were open like, late hours on Monday through Friday and then you're also open Saturday and Sunday?  

NGUYEN: Correct. And inaddition,we have a 24-hour physician line.  

PAUL: Thank you very much this is great 

RECEPTIONISTYou’re welcome.  

PAUL: Alright.  

RECEPTIONISTThank you, bye, bye.   

PAUL: I learned some things. They’re open late. They're open on weekends for urgent care. Totally bilingual, so it's great for Spanish speakers. I'm going to come back and my vaccine later. They see kids. It's only for Blue Cross members but guess what? We've got a Blue Cross office right here. So, if you don't have Blue Cross, we can help you sign up. We can also answer your questions. Look, it was a great experience. I highly recommend it. But most importantly, be sure to get your physical every year, ok?