2020 Volunteer of the Year: Timothy Robinson

Congratulations to Timothy Robinson, our 2020 Volunteer of the Year at Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas (BCBSTX). As a Senior Consultant of Network Innovation & Strategy, Timothy was selected from a number of inspiring nominees, the annual award is given to the employees who best represents our company’s commitment to the community.  

Timothy is committed to helping the neighborhood he grew up in. He is a board member on his local homeowner’s association and founded his own nonprofit organization, Inspired to Help. Timothy also volunteers with NAACP-GarlandSpring Valley Athletic Association and Garland Independent School District. 

Show Transcript

Melissa Campenni: Timothy is involved in his church and Timothy referees basketball for children. I mean, everything that he does, he's there in 200% on everything 

Timothy Robinson:Inspired to help, actually, that was born out of work. I did with the NAACP. There were a lot of times that people came to us for help. And there were things that we said, well, we didn't, we don't do that with civic organization. We don't have the means to help you. And from that, I wanted something that I could get out and actually help people. What, I didn't want someone to tell me no, if I wanted to do something, I wanted to get out and do it and didn't have barriers such as well. "We don't do this. We don't do that." I just want to help people. 

Melissa Campenni: I think Timothy was super deserving of this award. I couldn't think of a better person. 

Jeffrey Tikkanen: Earlier this week, you got a package from the (inaudible.) Would you please open that package? 

Timothy Robinson: All right, let's see. What's in this bad boy. (Laughing) How about that? 

Jeffrey Tikkanen: You are volunteer of the year winner for the state of Texas. (applause.). 

Timothy Robinson: Thank you. 

Melissa Campenni: Timothy will get a thousand dollars donated to the charity of his choice, which I'm sure will be his Inspired to Help organization. And Timothy will also get a little bonus for himself, which he so deserves. And I hope that he does something nice for himself for a change. Cause he absolutely deserves it. 

Timothy Robinson: Just the other day, a young lady, uh, she left an abusive relationship and she needed four beds and a baby carriage. And she needed things for Christmas. We went out and bought all those items that she needed to start basically a new life. And she was just so thankful, you know? And she was just like, "You know, I appreciate all you do." She goes, "you, you keep taking my phone calls. I know you're tired of hearing from me." And I'm like, "no, you need this." And so this is what we're going to do. So, you know, I don't really need a lot of people to know about it. As long as I know that I helped somebody at end of the day. I'm good. I'm really good.