A Doctor's Perspective on COVID-19 Vaccines

The COVID-19 vaccine is currently being made available in communities across Texas. This video offers a doctor's perspective on the vaccines, which have been given the FDA's green light for emergency use. Dr. Bharath Thankavel, Medical Director of Value-Based Care at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas, confirms that the FDA considers the COVID-19 vaccines to be safe and highly effective, following large trials with thousands of volunteers. If you have concerns about getting the vaccine, this video could offer you some peace of mind.

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Show Transcript

Dr. Thankavel: Today, I'm asking for your help as we continue the fight against COVID-19. The COVID-19 vaccine is being made available in communities across Texas, which is very encouraging. Now you might have concerns about the vaccine because of how quickly it was developed and given the FDA's approval for emergency use, or maybe you distrust the healthcare system, because of how have you been treated? Please know that I hear you and understand your concerns. The FDA and its medical experts considered the COVID-19 vaccines to be safe and highly effective. Each authorized COVID-19 vaccine has been studied in large trials with thousands of volunteers. The trials involve people, including different ages, sex, race, ethnicity, weight, and medical conditions. That's why I've gotten vaccinated and encourage my family members to do the same. And this gives me peace of mind. When the vaccine is available to you. I hope you'll remember the benefits. It offers you and your community. As a doctor I'm heartbroken by the devastation that COVID-19 has caused. And as a person, I know the personal pain of losing friends to COVID-19. Data demonstrates that persons of color and limited economic means are more likely to be infected, hospitalized, and die from COVID-19. But this does not have to be our destiny. Reach out to your doctor, local pharmacist or public health department. For more information we can beat COVID-19 and getting vaccinated is a key step for everyone, including our senior citizens. The vaccine even has benefits for people who've already been infected by the virus and have recovered. Consider doing it for your parents, grandparents, children, and friends. Together, we can end this pandemic.