Delivering Convenient COVID-19 Vaccines to Texans

For more than two decades, the Caring Foundation of Texas and its Care Van® program have supported communities statewide by helping administer more than 1.3 million CDC-recommended vaccinations, as well as dental screenings and health education and testing services. Now, they’re adding COVID-19 vaccinations to the list, thanks to Sanitas Medical Centers and Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas.

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Show Transcript

CHRISTINE KUTNICK: Caring Foundation of Texas.
We serve as a convener. We bring together schools and we bring together houses of faith and other community, new organization that people trust. We bring them to the table along with medical providers, such as Sanitas and to provide the services that we provide throughout the state of Texas. So in this case, we are providing COVID vaccines. So Sanitas is serving as our medical operator and we reached out to schools and to churches and let them know about this event so that their parishioners and their, their school staff could come to a clinic and get their free COVID vaccine. We are in the business of providing immunizations to children ages six weeks old to 18 years old. And so this was just, that was a natural extension for us to go
out and serve the adults and get the COVID vaccines into the arm.

REP JOHN TURNER: I'm happy to be here today
at the new Mount Zion church, a church that is in

the district that I represent that is always,
always there. Uh, when there is a need.

LESLIE WEISBERG MD: I would encourage
everyone to get a COVID-19 vaccine and being here and participating in these clinics to vaccinate individuals in the community. And throughout Texas is very important because it's something tangible that each one of us can do to get back to a sense of normalcy, or our routines,
even going back to work. This is all part of contributing to that.


Christine: You know, the mission of the Caring Foundation of
Texas is really just serve the under-insured and the underserved families and to people that just don't have access to the preventive healthcare services they need.