Top 5 Things to Know About Open Enrollment

Are you looking for health care coverage for yourself or your family? Once again, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas (BCBSTX) is offering coverage in every zip code in Texas, and subsidies are still available. Watch this video to find out the top five things Texans need to know about finding coverage on the Health Insurance Marketplace. Visit to learn more. 

Show Transcript

Denyse Maxey, Senior Manager of Market Delivery at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas

Wherever you are, that's where we'll be.
Just as in past years, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas will continue to offer a product in every zip code in the state. That's because we're committed, committed to providing affordable health coverage, to protect consumers health, and provide financial security. We strive to make our products as affordable as possible by finding the right balance of consumer affordability and market certainly.

You might be eligible for a discount.
People might be surprised to know that subsidies are still a thing, they're still available, they did not go away. In 2020, subsidies helped 92% of Texans lower their monthly bill for plans purchased on the exchange. In fact, some Texans may qualify for $0 monthly premium on some of our health plans. For example, in Dallas and Harris counties, we're offering plans where nearly half up the on-exchange population may qualify for a $0 monthly premium, after subsidies are applied. 

Health care is always changing, and so are we.
That's why we're always exploring new options for developing and expanding our networks. We want to increase availability of primary care services to diverse communities. People need access to comprehensive cost effective and patient centered health care services. We'll continue our efforts to stabilize and lower premiums, when possible, make investments and technology and improve the overall consumer experience. 

Good care is key.
Our plans offer access to value-based care models such as MyBlue Health plans. It features Sanitas Medical Centers in the Dallas and Houston areas.  Sanitas offers an advanced primary care model that takes an integrated holistic approach to patients health. It provides multiple health care services under one roof.  So MyBlue Health plans benefits include a $0 copay for in-person and telehealth primary care appointments at Sanitas. 

Remember, we are here to help.
Our staff has established resources to provide multiple channels for customers to answer any questions and provide information on health plan options. Our representatives can help provide enrollment guidance in English and Spanish. Just give us a call at (866) 427-7497. We're also hosting open enrollment seminars available to everyone virtually. We're also collaborating with our community partners to help spread the word and get the word in our communities. And of course, you can visit to get more information and explore your options.