2021 Volunteer of the Year: Shrona Carter

When the President of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas (BCBSTX) visited employees in the Marshall office, they didn’t know he had a surprise up his sleeve. He was there to recognize Shrona Carter, the company’s 2021 Volunteer of the Year. Shrona volunteered hundreds of hours at various organizations like Keep Longview Beautiful, Urban Creed, One Love World, Community Outreach Mission, Friends of Partners in Prevention and the Hope Foundation of Texas. Watch this video to see how Shrona responded to this huge news. Learn more about our community involvement.

Show Transcript

JAMES SPRINGFIELD: We wanted to come and recognize the Marshall office and the good work that you do. But the principle reason we're here is to recognize simply one person, this person's logged more than 200 volunteer hours. This person serves on the board for three different organizations at Blue Cross and Blue Shield. They serve as Blue Corps ambassadors and a Blue Bear Captain. And if you don't know by now who we're talking about, its Shrona Carter. So is our volunteer year. It's so good. Thank you so much for what you do.

SHRONA CARTER: Thank you so much!

JAMES:  I apparently am standing next to wonder woman I'm telling you; I don't know how she sleeps and does her work takes care of, I don't know how you do all this, but let me just talk a little bit about what you've done. You serve on the board of the Hope Foundation, Friends of Partners in Prevention as well as Community Outreach Mission. Somehow you also manage to volunteer. I wish I could remember all this. I wouldn't have to have a list. it's One Love World, Urban Creed, and Keep Longview Beautiful. Without further, ado here is... I'd like to present Shrona Carter as our Volunteer of the Year for Blue Cross Blue Shield.

DAWN STEPHENSON: Six years ago when she came into our department, she came with so much enthusiasm, the willingness to bring forth ideas, to champion the community, to volunteer and bring forward different community partners that we can sign up for and give, you know, our own time.

SHRONA:I want other large companies and corporations to understand how important it is to encourage our fellow peers, as well as their employees to volunteer within the community. That's where we live. That's where we raise our children. That's where we spend our money. So I feel like why not also invest our time with them.