Addressing Food Deserts with CAN DO Houston

Eating healthy isn’t always up to you. Many Texans simply do not have the option because of their environment. If you have limited access to nutritious food, you could live in a “food desert.”  The group CAN DO Houston is working with local corner stores to help serve some of these areas. Learn more about what they do and share their story to encourage a healthier Texas. Together, we can all make a difference!

Show Transcript

JASMINE: CAN DO HOUSTON is a community-based organization that focuses on making thee healthy choice, the easy choice, in all communities.  In some of our other priority communities, the issue is access to healthier food options, so for example, within Sunnyside, that is actually a community that is considered to be a food desert where they lack access to healthier food options, especially affordable healthy food options and so due to community feedback, we were able to help ignite the HEALTHY CORNER STORE initiative. There's fresh produce, there's whole grain options with healthier beverages, there are healthy snack options, the whole gamut of what could be perceived to be healthier and most importantly, that is very affordable and cost efficient. So in these corner stores again through our partnership with the City of Houston and Harris County Health Department, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas and Healthy Living Matters, we've been able to kind of support the expansion of it so that people can actually have access to those options. 

THESSALONIAN: I think it's a great idea because being in the community we need to start eating healthy because the first thing we run to is chips and junk. So, eating whole grain will be great for our bodies because we don't get enough of that. 

JENNIFER: Our children need to eat healthy, but we have a hard time of course, because they never have it here before and after a while people start bringing children in and they grab apple, banana and granola bar…. healthy and make me happy. 

JASMINE: It’s not just about making those options available but addressing the educational gap as well, so every month, we do on-site cooking an sampling. Where people have the opportunity to not only be introduced to these healthier options but what is it, how do I prepare it and realize they can actually like it, which increases the likelihood that people will actually buy it and prepare it.  


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