Your Virtual Medicine Cabinet Has Arrived With MyBlueRxTX

Your Virtual Medicine Cabinet Has Arrived With MyBlueRxTX

This article is intended for members enrolled in an employer-sponsored health insurance plan.

Prescription information can be confusing. Knowing when to get a drug refilled or keeping track of a medication approval is time-consuming. And finding ways to lower out-of-pocket costs for prescriptions can be hard.

We know that you need a simple, handy tool that does all of this for you. That’s why we created the MyBlueRxTX app.*

MyBlueRxTX provides the information you need to easily manage your prescription drugs and out-of-pocket costs for yourself and your family.** This free app puts what you need in your hands to help you make the best decisions about your health and your medicines.

With MyBlueRxTX, you can:

  • Find available lower-cost drug options
  • Compare drug costs at different pharmacies
  • Manage prescription drug care for your family
  • Get reminders when it’s time to refill your prescription
  • Access information about your prescription drugs, including medicine details, claims history, coverage, clinical review approvals and refills
  • Search for and contact in-network pharmacies 

You can download MyBlueRxTX from the Apple Store leaving site icon or Google Playleaving site icon If you already use the BCBSTX mobile app or you have a Blue Access for MembersSM  (BAMSM) account, you can use the same login for MyBlueRxTX. You can also create a new account using the number on your member ID card.

*MyBlueRxTX is not available for all group (employer-sponsored) health plans.
**Adult dependents over age 18 can download the app and create their own account.