Check the Price Tag Before You Go for Care

You wouldn’t buy a car without shopping around for the best deal. But do you check the price tag when you need a medical procedure?

Cost is something to look at when choosing where to go for care.

When your doctor recommends a procedure, you can choose where you go to have it done. You can find quality, low-cost doctors, imaging centers, hospitals and other providers.

You can compare costs using our Member Rewards program. You may even get cash back for using the program.

It’s easy. Just follow these steps to get started:

  1.  From your desktop, log in to Blue Access for MembersSM.
  2. Start a search for your procedure under the Doctors & Hospitals tab.
  3. Get care at a Member Rewards eligible location.
  4. Our program administrator, Vitals*, will check the location and mail any earned reward to your home.
*Vitals is an independent company that administers the Member Rewards program for Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas.