Most Doctors and Hospitals Don’t Take HMOs - HMO Myth

One of the common myths about HMOs is that most doctors and hospitals don’t accept HMOs. HMOs have changed over the years. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas reviews this common myth and talks with everyday people who share their thoughts and experiences with HMOs. You’ll learn more about HMOs and whether this myth is true or false. 

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Show Transcript
NARRATOR: Have you had trouble finding a doctor or hospital that takes your HMO?
WOMAN 1: I've heard myths that HMOs, that doctors don't take them. I have never had an issue having my HMO accepted at a doctor or hospital that I currently go to.
MAN 1: I think with an HMO there might be a little more limitation in terms of the doctors you can use.
WOMAN 2: I chose a PPO over an HMO. My understanding was that there weren't as many doctors and choices available with an HMO, so I thought I'd have better options with a PPO.
NARRATOR: HMO provider networks include a variety of independently contracted doctors, specialists, and hospitals. Not every doctor contracts with every network. So before you pick a health plan, do your research. You may be surprised by how many choices you actually have. To learn more about HMOs, visit our website.