HMOs Are Only for Healthy People - HMO Myth

One of the common myths about HMOs is that they’re better if you never get sick and need to get care. HMOs have changed over the years. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas reviews this common myth and talks with everyday people who share their thoughts and experiences with HMOs. You’ll learn more about HMOs and whether this myth is true or false. 

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Show Transcript
NARRATOR: Have you heard that HMOs are only a good idea if you never get sick?
WOMAN 1: Hmm, I have not heard that.
MAN 1: I have heard that, but I think the concept of the HMOs is to try to get you to stay healthy.
MAN 2: I have not heard that HMOs are for healthy people. And I don't believe that's true.
WOMAN 2: I chose an HMO over a PPO because I have a chronic illness, and it just works better with my budget. And it does include the doctors that I like and trust.
NARRATOR: HMOs are not just for healthy people. In fact, an independent, national study found that just over half of HMO members polled rated their health as excellent or very good. To learn more about HMOs, visit our website.