Member Voice – A Wife’s Strength

“A good marriage is each for the other and two against the world.” -Robert Brault

After many years of marriage and health obstacles, Cherry and her husband still look at each other with admiration. They are a beautiful example of how to weather a health storm as a couple.

When Cherry’s husband was diagnosed with congestive heart failure and needed surgery, Cherry struggled to make sense of all that was happening in her family life. “I was hanging by a thread.” Cherry said.

Cherry was dedicated to helping her husband get better and providing for her family; therefore, she continued to work while he recovered from heart surgery. Despite her hard work and dedication, Cherry still needed help. 

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My husband was diagnosed with congestive heart failureand was hospitalized. And it was a very trying time. It was just horrible because it seemed like one thing after another just kept happening. I was hanging by a thread. My name is Cherry Rice. I've been a Blue Cross Blue Shield member for more than 15 years. I was on my way to the hospital, and I had been told that my dad had had a stroke. So I was crying. And the phone rang. It was a Blue Cross Blue Shield case manager, and his name was Myron. Myron listened to me. He asked me how I was doing. He probably could tell I was choked up. He asked me what's going on. And I told him at the time that my father had been hospitalized, and he had a stroke. We talked. He asked me how my husband was doing. And I had explained that my husband was diagnosed with something that they really didn't have a cure for. And so it was hard for me to tell Myron that. But he just kind of put me at ease, like a brother calling me. And he provided resources. I asked about what I could do to get some care for my husband because I was still working. And he said that we could get a nurse, and that he would make that contact for me. And of course, I was close to tears, like I am now. He called me back the next day to make sure I had called the people he'd indicated that I should call. I had. A few days later, the nurse who he had recommended, she called. So everything that he said, it was real. And I guess one of the most heartfelt things he said was, the one thing you do have is time. So I felt like he had put hope back of my heart, that I could make it, that I could go on. At that point, he was my friend.