Care.Simplified. Why HMO is a Good Choice

Sally likes roller derby, but when the bumps and bruises come, she doesn't like big medical bills. When she needs medical care, her HMO makes getting care easy to use, easy to understand and easy on her wallet. So Sally can keep on rolling.

Show Transcript

Meet Sally. Sally likes roller derby. But she doesn't like unexpected medical bills. With an HMO plan, Sally goes to a select group of doctors and providers. It can save her a lot of money. Her HMO keeps her monthly premiums low. And Sally can get free or affordable healthcare for services like flu shots or physicals. If Sally needs a specialist, her doctor can refer her to one. When Sally receives care from providers in her network, she has the peace of mind of knowing that her co-payments will be manageable and predictable. An HMO plan makes it easy for Sally to receive quality care, while also saving her money. So Sally can keep taking the hits, while her wallet doesn't.