(TX) BAM failure to accept login

I cannot log into my TX BAM account since last Friday (29th).  I have changed passwords several times (via the "forget password" process) and have called the BCBS Help Desk three times and tried the temporary password change route as well to no avail. 

Two of the Help Desk CSRs have told me "this is a known issue - we're working on it" and the timeframe for resolution was "try again later."  One CSR spent more than 30 minutes helping me troubleshoot the issue with temporary passwords, clearing browser history, etc., all to no avail, only to call his IT dept and be told it was a known issue.  Why wasn't this information available at the first contact level?  Another CSR laughed and told me it was a known issue after I told her I was trying to log into the TX BAM site. 

The (TX) BAM log in screen will give you an error message when you try to log in ("information doesn't match their records" per se).  Changing your password via the "Forget Password" screen will work (presumably), you're password will change, but it will not be accepted when you try to log in.  Same is true if you call the Help Desk and they send you a temporary password (I highly recommend you stay on the line while you try the temp password!).

When will this issue be resolved?