INR Self-Testing (aka ProTime) for anticoagulation test at home

What providers are covered by BCBSTX and does anyone at BCBSTX know what i'm talking about? 

My current provider Acelis Connected Health is 'out of network' causing me to scramble to find a replacement.  Im try to see if "BioTel Heart" is 'in network' but they came back with a squirly non-answer.

This should be fairly common with the number of people on blood thinners.  I don't understand why this has been such a pain in the ass to get solved.  

  • Yes, after several months - I received my kit just this week!

    BioTel Heart is the _only one_ that came through as approved of the handful I tried.  I had to call them and my doctors office and BCBS every week to follow-up.  Honestly if I wasn't calling every week at minimum then nothing would have happened.  Also each time I called BCBSTX I spoke to a different person and finally happened to talk to someone who knew what the problem was.  

    These out-of-state companies need to file with the BCBS in the state where they are registered.  In the case of BioTel Heart they are in California so they needed to call BCBS of California who would then work with BCBS of texas.  BCBSTX cannot apparently work with a provider directly that is not registered with the state of Tx.   I'm honestly surprised that BioTel heart agents didn't appear to know this and they had to hear it from me.

    Once BioTel filed with BCBSCA after a week or so they were approved.  Then my cardiologist & coagulation clinic needed to send more paperwork to BioTel and then I was approved and BioTel shipped the unit.  Also I didn't have to pay for training since i've been testing at home for several years with a similar/nearly identical unit.

    It was shocking to me how many people I had to randomly talk to at BCBS before I finally, by chance, spoke to someone who immediately knew what the problem was.  Most of the people I spoke to I swear were in their first week on the job asking if I needed home health or to rent equipment like a wheel chair.. 

    My former provider (CoaguCheck by Roche) also tried this method but was still denied and they will not work with patients who are out-of-network.

    mdINR by Lincare was denied.

    Good luck.  Have patience.  Beats having to waste at least an hour round trip driving to the hospital every two weeks.. and especially waiting in the lobby.. etc.

  • Mr Jones 

    I have the same exact problem and have been on the phone w/ BCBSTX for over an hour trying to find an in-network provider for the strips,  Did you ever get an answer?

    Thanks Mitchell

  • Hello, If you'd like to send us a private message our team will be happy to help you with this. ~ Kayla