PCP is holding up my referral. Are PCP's held to any level of accountability?

My current doctor advised me that a referral could not be completed until I added them.  I immediately called BCBS and added them as my PCP and advised the PCP it was complete the next day.  On the same day they called me back and advised me they decided to decline me as a patient.  No official notice has been mailed to me to verify their legal position.  What is the best way for me to handle this matter,  are PCPs held to any ethical standard of behavior or accountability? 

more detail:

I am suffering with pain and this problem is holding up my care:   When I called my doctor's office to followup on my medical care, the receptionist advised me that she had not received results for radiology services taken several weeks prior.   At the end of that week I went to the radiology facility that did x-rays and CT scans to get copies of my medical records and tests for my own records.  I inquired about their policy to forward test results back to referring doctors, and they said it is "same day" (when the services are performed i.e. x-rays, CT scan results etc).  The next week my doctor's office setup a referral, but it was to a different facility than my preference.  That referred office called me to setup an appointment and I told them I needed to contact my doctors office and call them back.  After  verifying my preference with my doctor office, the same person called me back and requested me to add them as a Provider, otherwise they could not process the referral.  This contradicted the fact about the prior facility that they setup.  I called BCBS immediately then called the new PCP, my doctor's office the next day to report it was completed.  The PCP then called me back that same day to tell me they decided not to continue treating me.  Now that I am having problems finding a new PCP, I called the current PCP two days ago to ask for a written notification of their decision, they said they would send it via email.  Checking my email, I have not received their notification, and I have not received anything by mail after more than a week.    

The PCP has given me untruthful questionable information, and they shown little or no regard for my health with regards to the pain I am experiencing.  CT on the 8/9/21, and X-rays were taken on 8/13/21, and I need a referral to an orthopedic doctor.  Please advise me what I should do.  When I was asked to I added the current PCP, and the next day they terminated me, and I have not received formal notification of the doctor's decision to end my care. 

  • Hello, I am very sorry to hear you are dealing with this. You will need to speak with the doctor's office to see if they typically send out a written notice when they elect to no longer see a patient and to see if they have a way for you to file a complaint, as we cannot require a provider to see a patient if they do not wish to do so.

    If you need assistance changing your PCP again you can contact our customer service team at the number on your Id card and they can assist you with this. ~ Kayla