Global Maternity Billing is so confusing.

After getting a huge bill in estimation of Global Maternity Billing from my OBGYN I needed answers. I have spoken to two different bcbstx medical customer service agents and to no avail. Neither of them were familiar with global billing  nor could explain to me my maternity benefits according to my plan. I am reaching out for a detail explanation of this practice and my benefits as I am already paying a premium on my Glod PPO plan.

Why do I have to pay upfront to my OBGYN of the remainder of my deductible before delivery which stays in escrow? Clearly I will be paying down my deductible through-out my pregnancy since per my OBGYN billing department gave me a list of items not covered by Global billing and subject to a deductible. I have paid about $1900 to my OBGYN for global maternity and just got a bill from my 10 week visit for $400 I have about 10 more visits until delivery. I really cant justify expecting to pay around that amount for each of the remaining visits. From my understanding of the pregnancy guide packet i was given to inform me what to expect at each visit they will be preforming sonogram or ultrasound at almost each visit. So my question is how much should I be expecting to pay for each sonogram and ultrasound I receive??

Why does Bxbstx practice global billing? From what I've gathered through my own research Global billing is coded two different ways for normal vaginal delivery and cesarian delivery which encompasses Antepartum (prenatal) care , Delivery and Postpartum care. Here's the kicker Ultrasounds not included and subject to deductible. Under the Affordable Care Act the prenatal form of the visits should be coded as preventative benefit without cost share to the member and paid in full by insurance provider. The delivery and postpartum of the visit as a medical benefit with cost-share to the member. Under global billing I question the accuracy of billing when these services are combined in an umbrella of services.    

  • ---- Update----

    I have been contacted by a BCBSTX rep ( I wish i remembered her name for due credit ) She was very knowledgeable on Global Maternity Billing and Maternity Benefits. She answered all my questions and concerns and even gave me advise to keep records of all maternity bills to make sure I'm not being over charged by my health care providers after my deductible has been met and get the proper credit back from my OBGYN's pre-payment of Global Maternity Billing.

    Thank you so much for the quick response , clarification and support. 

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