A hospital referred me to a specialist because of a broken arm. Do I need to see my HMO to get a referral?

I was in an automobile wreck on Sunday,1/1/2023, and the attending EMS personnel sent me in an ambulance to a hospital. My left arm has blunt fractures on both the Ulna and the Radius about 2" away from my hand, and my right ankle/leg is messed up, although there have been no X-Rays of that area thus far.  The attending physician told me that I need to see an osteopathic surgeon for a final evaluation of the fractures in my arm, and they even made a recommendation of someone inside the BCBSTX plan, and made me an appointment for me this Wednesday.

QUESTION: Do I need to see my primary care provider before accepting that appointment in order to get a referral, so that BCBSTX might help pay the expenses as allowed within my plan?

Your offices are closed for the holiday and no one is answering your phones on 01/02/2023, but I would like the info ASAP so that I may get out of pain soon.