Go Mobile with the BCBSTX App

Your coverage information in the palm of your hand

Where did I put my health insurance card? What’s my deductible? Is that doctor in my network?

All these questions and many others can be answered on the go with the BCBSTX App.

With the BCBSTX App, you can:

  • Log in with Touch ID (Members with X series Apple devices can also log in with Face ID)
  • View and email your member ID card (Members with Apple devices can save ID card to Apple Wallet)
  • Get coverage information such as medical and prescription copays, deductible and out-of-pocket amounts
  • Find in-network doctors and hospitals
  • Review claims details such as amounts you may owe
  • Access spending accounts (HCA, FSA, HRA and HSA)
  • Connect directly to Well onTarget®, the member wellness portal
  • Display in Spanish (if your phone settings are set to Spanish)

The BCBSTX app is available for iPhone and Android users. To get the BCBSTX app, text* BCBSTXAPP to 33633 or search for BCBSTX in the iTunes App Store or Google Play.

*Messages and data rates may apply.

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