Medical Director Encourages Parents to Schedule Well-Child Visits

Starting at birth your child needs regular health checkups and vaccinations. In this video, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas' Chief Medical Officer Dr. Mark Chassay advises parents to schedule their child’s next well visit and stay up to date on childhood immunizations.

Show Transcript

I’m Dr. Mark Chassay, Chief Medical Officer at Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas, wishing your child a bright future. Starting at birth, your child needs regular health checkups and vaccinations. Plan to take your newborn child to the health care provider in his or her first week of life, then every two to three months until 2 years of age and then every 6 months until 3 years of age. During each visit, your child’s health care provider will make sure your child is growing, developing and receiving important vaccinations to stay healthy now and into the future. At 3 years of age through the teenage years, your child continues to need yearly health checkups. At each visit, the health care provider should check your child’s height, and weight and growth and give dietary and exercise tips for your child to stay healthy. There are key ages when your child, preteen and teen will need vaccinations. Getting your child vaccinated is one of the most powerful things you can do. Call and schedule your child’s next well visit. As always, remember to talk to your health care provider about any health questions or concerns you may have.