For approx 2 months I have been receiving the error message "member not found" while attempting to log in. I have changed passwords and logins, re registered, tried different browsers and after 5 seperate phone calls to help center, the has not been fixed. I have been told every time that my issues would be forwarded up to IT which has not reached out or fixed issue. I curious if anyone else has experienced this issue.

  • I have just made a BCBS account and applied for coverage - yesterday to be exact. I tried logging in again this morning and got the "Member not found" error. I did the usual, changed passwords and cleared user history, but still had no luck. This is a bit frustrating as it is my 2nd day with them and I am already having issues. Then upon further explorations, I found out that is a common issue with others that has yet to be resolved... 

    Any tips on how to get it working again? 

  • Hello, If you just applied for coverage with us you would not yet be in our system for a Blue Access for Members account as your plan must be fully set up in our system before you can create an account there, which is different from the account you used to sign up for your coverage. Once your plan is set up you will receive an email with your plan information and at that point you will be able to create a Blue Access for Members account. ~ Kayla

  • Hello, I'm responding to you on your private message. ~ Heather

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