Be Prepared for Any Emergency

You never know when you may be in an emergency, either at home or at work. That’s why it’s important to have an emergency response plan for the places you frequently visit. Save and share this infographic with helpful hints. You can also visit and for emergency preparedness information. These are quick tasks that take a few minutes now, but can make a BIG difference later.

To help you get started on your way to readiness, we wanted to share some emergency preparedness and response tips to remember if you are in a crisis:

  1. Have an emergency contact
    Choose an out-of-town contact your family will call or email to check on each other if an event like severe weather happens. Your selected contact should live far enough away that they would not be in the same event, and they should know they are your contact.
  2. Establish a meeting place
    Have an evacuation plan and a set meeting place away from your home to save time and confusion if your home is affected or evacuated. You also want to have an emergency plan to care for your pets. Remember, your pets depend on you for safety!
  3. Assemble an emergency survival kit
    If you need to leave your home or are asked to "stay in place," have some important supplies on hand that will make you and your family more comfortable. Prepare an emergency kit in an easy-to-carry container like a duffel bag or small plastic trash can. Also have your medical, prescription and insurance information in your disaster kit or wallet.
  4. Check on the school emergency plan of any school-age children you may have
    Meet with your family to make an emergency response plan together. You will also need to know if your child’s school will keep children at school until a parent or adult can pick them up or send them home on their own. Be sure that the school has current information about how to reach parents and responsible caregivers to arrange for pickup.
  5. Prepare your car
    You can buy an emergency kit for your car at any major retailer. Here is a handy list to have when getting your car ready.
  6. Prepare your phone
    Set up your mobile phone with a lock screen photo with your important emergency information available to emergency helpers. Adding an image to your lock screen is simple, too. There are a number of emergency contact applications for both Android and iOS phones. If you visit your app store, search for “emergency contact” and all your app choices should appear.

In addition to these six tasks, you can visit and for emergency preparedness information.

What's your best emergency tip? Share your insight with us in the comments below!


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