• How to Live Well with Chronic Health Problems

    July 29, 2021
    Dealing with being sick when there is a quick fix is one thing. But what if you can’t just take a pill? You may face a health problem that lasts a long time. Or a serious one you’ll live with for the rest of your life. Tackling thos...
  • Fight the Flu — One Shot at a Time

    July 28, 2021
    Many people don’t know that they can get influenza — the respiratory disease we often call the flu — any time of the year. Flu viruses usually peak between December and February . But cases of flu usually start to increas...
  • High Cholesterol Doubles Your Risk for Heart Disease

    July 28, 2021
    Nearly 1 in every 3 Americans has high cholesterol, which can clog blood vessels and lead to heart disease. In fact, people with high total cholesterol have about twice the risk for heart disease as people with healthy levels. Along with family histo...
  • Preventing Stroke in Women of All Ages

    July 12, 2021
    Stroke can happen in an instant, and it can be a life-altering event. It inspires a fair amount of fear and worry in many. And for good reason. A stroke can strike anyone—no matter your age, ethnicity, or sex. There is no typical stroke victim...
  • Ways to Fit In Fitness

    July 9, 2021
    It isn’t hard to think up a reason to skip a workout. Many of us do it. The “B” word is a great excuse. “I’m busy.” Yes, when we find ourselves in a time crunch, exercise often gets the boot. Who has an extr...
  • On a Roll: Bike Share Programs Expand Across the Country

    July 8, 2021
    Bike sharing is on a roll in cities from Houston to Chicago . Blue Cross and Blue Shield (BCBS) helps supporting bicycles and bike stations across the country. What makes these programs so popular? Bike share programs like Houston BCycle &...
  • Mindful Eating with Diabetes

    July 7, 2021
    Learning to be more mindful can help us calmly think through situations rather than be reactive. For individuals diagnosed with diabetes , the principles of mindfulness may even help them practice better self-care. What is mindfulness? It is being...
  • Hypertension: The Spy Among Us

    July 6, 2021
    If hypertension were a character in a spy novel, its name would be “the silent killer.” It would live quietly among us, moving unseen as it destroys us from within. If undetected for too long, it could even bring death. A dangerous enemy...
  • Shop the Farmers Market for Fresh Finds

    July 5, 2021
    What better way to take advantage of summer’s bounty than a visit to your local farmers market? This summer, do your grocery shopping outside. You’ll find a rainbow of fresh, nutrient-rich fruits, vegetables and herbs. Easy access to fres...
  • Shingles: The Sleeping Virus

    July 2, 2021
    How much do you know about shingles? You may have heard it is a painful rash that is more common among older adults. What you may not know is how common it is. Nearly one in three Americans will suffer a bout with shingles. Even children can co....
  • Vaccines for Young Adults

    July 1, 2021
    You’re young. Healthy. Active. With years of life ahead of you. You’re bulletproof, right? When you’re young, it’s easy to think you’re immune to a lot of the stuff that can trip you up – including illness. Maybe ...
  • Stop on Red: Reducing Exposure on High Pollution Days

    June 30, 2021
    RED ALERT! When air pollution levels are high, a red alert warns the public of health dangers. Poor air quality is bad for us all, but it poses an even greater risk for those with breathing issues. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) crea....
  • Diabetes and Vision Loss: Know the Connection, Protect Your Vision

    June 29, 2021
    People living with diabetes can have eye problems that lead to vision loss or blindness. And diabetic eye disease often has no early symptoms. That’s why an annual eye exam is critical for people with diabetes. The longer you have diabetes, th...
  • Immunizations Are a Big Part of Staying Healthy

    June 29, 2021
    You’ve likely heard a lot about immunizations lately. It’s a good reminder to make sure you and your family are up to date on all your routine shots. Who Needs Vaccines? Shots aren’t just for babies or young children. We all need v...
  • Back-to-School Planning: Make Sure Your Child’s Health Visits Top the List

    June 28, 2021
    When it comes to a smooth back-to-school experience, preparation is key. Gathering school supplies before the school bell rings is good. So is making sure the kids haven’t outgrown their school clothes and shoes. And catching up on doctor visit...