Talk to Your Doctor About Your Mental Health Meds

Medication instructions can be hard to follow, or you may have questions about your medications. Watch this short video on how to talk with your provider about your questions and some ways that you can work with your provider to better understand your medications. 

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Show Transcript

DR. TOM ALLEN: You or a family member just received a new mental health medication from a doctor. What now? A new mental health medication can be very helpful, but you may have questions. What does the medication do? Will it cause any side effects? Will it help? How long will you have to take it?

Your provider wants to help you. They are your best source of reliable information about the medication, specific to you or your family member. But many of your questions may not come up until after the appointment. Don't turn to the internet for answers. Your provider knows you.

Write down any questions that you have and call your provider to see if they can answer your questions before your next appointment. Once you fill the prescription, it is important that you or your family member begin taking it as directed, carefully following any instructions on the medication label.

If side effects do occur, it is important that you do not stop the medication without talking to your provider first. Stopping quickly can lead to different side effects. Also, if symptoms improve, it is still important to continue taking any mental health medication as prescribed until you consult with your provider. Remember, you and your provider are a team.

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